For Hunters and Field Trialer’s
German Shorthaired Pointers

Legacy Shorthairs breeds dogs from the finest bloodlines in the country.  Our dogs are chosen for inherent traits such as Nose, Stamina, Style, Bird Drive and Trainability. It is our goal to produce the finest gun dogs in the country and provide you with a dog that will make you proud.

We Trial our dogs in National Shoot to Retrieve (NSTRA) sanctioned trials, as they are the closest thing to true hunting situations.

National Shoot to Retrieve (NSTRA) is a walking field trial, in which there are two dogs, two handlers and two judges in the field.  The dogs compete and are scored on...

   1. The Find.  A dog must point a bird; remain steady until the handler flushes the bird.

   2. The Retrieve. The dog must make a snappy retrieve to hand.

   3. Back. The dog must honor on sight, the other dog on point.

   4. Ground coverage. The dog must make an intelligent search for game.

   5. Obedience. The dog must respond to the handler’s commands immediately.

This is a way for us to measure a dog’s abilities against the finest bird dogs in the country. By doing this we breed proven stock & increase the chance of producing great birddogs.

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Legacy Kennels is located in Alma, NE (just 1 hour south of Kearney, NE.)

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